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SQL Server Performance Health Check

Our database performance health check for Microsoft SQL Server is the first step in resolving your most vexing database performance issues. We check the SQL Server’s configuration settings, server hardware, operating system, storage and bottlenecks. We talk to users, sysadmins, and developers to gain valuable insights into pain points. We then locate and isolate bottlenecks looking at databases, indexes, and queries. We develop an action plan with your team and provide a full written report of our findings, actionable recommendations, and metrics to monitor for improvement.

In Just 3-4 Days We Will:

  • Spend a day working with senior members of the technical team as well as users to identify performance pain points.
  • Examine the live server to capture diagnostic information, screen shots, troublesome queries and database objects
  • Build a fully customized action plan complete with examples of proposed changes, best practices, and performance no nos.
  • If possible develop, QA, and promote changes to the live server to gain immediate performance relief.
  • Provide metrics and key performance indicators to report on performance gains and continuously monitor for performance problems after we are gone.
  • Perform a group session with all stakeholders to walk through our findings, explain why these problems occurred, and review next steps.

Our Database Health Check Team:

Our team is filled with seasoned SQL Server professionals, IT and data center experts, and senior application developers. We provide a holistic service that extends beyond simple tweaks to the database that only serve to mask problems for a short while. We have the experience and know-how to understand complex applications and provide actionable guidance on how to fix the root causes of SQL Server performance problems. Whether it is a small database with a few users or a multi-terabyte data warehouse, we have the knowledge and sense of urgency to achieve immediate results and train your staff how to avoid and remediate SQL Server performance problems in the future.