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Software Development

Sometimes commercially available software only covers 80% of your needs. The other 20% can make or break your Business Intelligence efforts. Dimension Alpha can create sophisticated applications while leveraging your existing technology investments and user skills.

Dimension Alpha custom development of business intelligence applications offers a customized solution tailored and adaptable to your organization’s specific needs. Custom software can offer speedy user-friendly access to critical data without expensive software licenses, maintenance fees, and steep learning curves.

Software can be customized to:

  • Provide access to timely data without features that get in the way
  • Integrate with existing applications and software your organization has already invested in
  • Maintain consistent branding and look and feel
  • Extend business intelligence to external users without per-user licensing fees or imposing special client requirements
  • Provide custom interfaces to data sources and applications for integration with your data warehouse

Our On-Shore Software Development Team:

We don’t have anything against off-shore developers. They are really nice people. What we have seen time and again though is that cultural, language, time zone, work methods, turnover, and style differences often introduce a multitude of hidden costs and challenges. More than any other software development effort, Business Intelligence requires a solid understanding of the business requirements. After all, you are not looking to purchase software – you are looking to provide actionable insights from your data to drive real business problem solving. In order to be successful we have our developers on-shore, where you are, so we are present when your business representatives are. It’s not because we are patriotic (although we are) – it is because we do not take chances with your business by introducing unnecessary complications that get into the way of producing results.